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Lending GroupCo Commitment to Fair and Responsible Lending

The Lending Group Company will adhere to all the fair-lending rules, and with affordable guarantee avoid discriminatory methods against any person on any banned basis related to a credit transaction deal. The board of administrators, senior management and all employees are dedicated to the soul, purpose, and methods of fair-lending rules.

For the betterment of this company and for the benefit of our customers we have came across the following points to avoid any miss-conception in the future.

  • We are dedicated towards excellence and make sure our loaning and costs coverage is reasonable and accountable.
  • We offer a variety of home loan applications so that home buyers of all economic levels can find the best deal that suits their budget.
  • Our workers are active within their communities understand the needs of the areas they provide services.
  • The Lending Group Company is constantly on the set up business partner connections within the areas it provides.
  • We work with local neighborhoods, states, and federal government applications to assist customers with home buyer education as well as down-payment assistance.
  • The Lending Group Company is a modern loaning system which provides and makes possibilities to build strong, long lasting and healthy areas in which we all can live and serve our nation. The Lending Group Company is aware of and likes how different industry present tremendous possibilities for everyone and make a massive and positive impact on these areas.
  • The Lending Group Company is always dedicated to provide top quality and efficient service to our customers at all times. We endeavor to take care of any customer issues fairly. Please Apply Today to sort out any issues you may have. Our doors are always open.

We always support and appreciate federal rules that help protect customers.

The practice of “fair lending” is built through several states and federal rules working together to ensure customers are handled continually and with proper attention they deserve. These rules also require us to offer information to customers in a clear and noticeable manner. The Home Mortgage loan Disclosure Act (HMDA), for example, is a disclosure law that needs mortgage companies to deliver the public with proper loan information. This information can help determine if lenders such as The Lending Group Company are actually serving the real estate needs of their areas and it can help recognize possible discriminatory lending styles.


Access the list of registered The Lending Group Co loan officers and learn how the SAFE Act helps customers know more about your loan founder.
It’s one of the most versatile consumer protection law also termed as the SAFE Act. The Protected and Reasonable Administration for Home loan Certification Act (SAFE Act) is a government law designed to increase security for customers and decrease scams in mortgage loaning. Under this law, individual mortgage loan officers (MLOs) must sign-up in the National Home Mortgage Loan System. You can visit any time https://lendinggroupco.com to validate any financial services company or any professional institutions you may wish to work within the state you are funding a property.

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    Finding the best mortgage loans; we can help you out.

    Nature Of Business and services : We specialize in: PURCHASE – REFINANCE – CASH OUT -DEBT CONSOLIDATION – HOME EQUITY LINEs OF CREDIT.

    We are a full service Direct Mortgage Lender. We lend on Residential and Commercial Real Estate. (we *do not* do personal loans) we specialize in Fast Closings, Low Down Payments, Unique Loan Programs, High Loan To Value Cash Outs and the Lowest Rates on the Market Guaranteed! We cater to First Time Home Buyers, Realtors, Real Estate Investors, Refinance Customers (Example: Lower you Monthly Payment and Interest Rate). Debt Consolidation for Existing home owners.

    *Product Types*: Conventional Mortgages, Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit, FHA Home Loans (Including 203k), USDA Home Loans, VA Home Loans(for Veterans Only), No Income Loans, Sub Prime and Less Than Perfect Credit Loans, Commercial Loans, Construction Loans, Fix & Flip Loans. Lending Group Company was established In 2013 with a combined group experience of over 60 years. The Lending Group Company ®, Home & mortgage Loans ®, Mortgage Loans refinancing ® all of these are registered trademarks, or service marks of “THE LENDING GROUP COMPANY ® ” You may not use, display or recreate them without the prior written approval of THE LENDING GROUP COMPANY. You may not remove, modify , or otherwise change any trademark, signature, privacy or other exclusive privileges rights shown on, included in, or otherwise showing in any Content provided by, considered on, or obtained through this site. All other images recognized and included herein are the property of their specific owners and their use herein doesn’t mean support or approval of their products or services.